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Working for us

Would you like to work for Clean Ears Direct as a microsuction practitioner? If you already have microsuction experience, then please do contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Who we employ

We are indemnified to cover doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, audiologists and physician's assistants.

If you have never microsuctioned ears before, in-house training can be provided for you. We have been successfully running a 2-day microsuction course since 2020. This course has accreditation by ENT-UK and a course certificate will be awarded on completion of the course. 

What our microsuction course involves

Our course is fully comprehensive and run by ENT consultants. You can expect:

  • A half day of theoretical teaching on:

    • The anatomy and physiology of the ear

    • The nature of wax

    • Common pathologies of the ear and how to recognise them

    • Methods on how to remove wax from the ear

    • Risk management

  • One and a half days of supervised practical experience on real-live patients (up to on average 20 ears)​

By the end of the course, you will be able to independently microsuction ears. 

























Working in our mobile dewaxing unit

Once trained, you will be completely debriefed on how to effectively operate in our unique mobile dewaxing unit, which includes our governance policies on infection control and clinical safety. 

Get in touch!

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