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Explaining Microsuction























Who are Clean Ears Direct?

Clean Ears Direct is a service operated and delivered by ENT Logistics. This service provides microsuctioning of wax from the ears by highly trained practitioners where and when you want it through innovative mobile microsuctioning units! 


What is microsuction?​

Microsuction is a method of clearing wax from the ears under direct vision through the use of a microscope and specialised suction equipment.

Why microsuction?

There are several reasons why you should choose microsuction:

1. It's the safest and surest way of clearing your ear of troublesome wax.

2. It can be performed even if you have a hole in your eardrum or a mastoid cavity, unlike syringing.

3. Other problems of the ear can be diagnosed at the same time, such as ear infections. 

4. Many GP practices no longer provide an ear syringing service.  

Why us?

1. We are a specialist-led service and our staff are all certified to perform microsuction safely and efficiently. 

2. With waiting times to access microsuction on the NHS longer than ever, we can manage your wax quickly.

3. Our staff will have access to specialist advice allowing for appropriate referral to a doctor if further treatment is needed.

4. We can come to your locality: we can offer microsuction on site through our mobile microsuction unit!

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